Holiday Beverage, Inc. is a privately held, global importer of wine, beer and spirits (formed 2010, Florida). We began with market research, sourcing products, building a vendor and customer base and establishing relationships with global agents and distributors. In 2011 we initiated relationships with Costco and Grocery Outlet and expanded our independent sales agents in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Australia. We initiated our first shipments from Bordeaux and our “brands” became a major Bordeaux seller for Costco in the under $10 and $14 categories. We appointed a new CEO and CFO and established agreements with major wholesalers / distributors, such as Glazer, Bellboy, Major Brands, Carroll, MJ, Johnson Bros., Republic National and Purveyor of Fine Wines (LA).

We continued successful, rapid growth, establishing International Brand Managers through KV Trading Partners and ABVS, Inc. finding hidden value and searching the world over through their agents to find value wines for Make A Holiday.

We accelerated our expansion, building customer relationships with Cost Plus, World Market, State of Pennsylvania, Specs and Beverages and More and increased penetration into Costco, currently selling four divisions- South East, Texas, Eastern and Mid West. By mid-2011 we had relationships with the largest wine retailers in America. We gained recognition from the Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and The Wine News, with 90+ scores for a number of our wines.

By the third quarter we were profitable, a difficult task made possible through tight financial controls implemented by management, and we increased revenue by 32% and are growing by 20%+ quarterly. We increased communications with other prospective customers and rapidly built an excellent reputation in the industry.

We established Spanish operations and initiated negotiations for private label value wines from Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Argentina. These wines are not rated and are produced to be value or everyday wines of high quality for the price point. We entered the Italian wine market, California market (Sonoma and Dry Creek), Belgian beer market. We began expansion into Australia, Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Greece, Lebanon, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Russia, German beer market, Czech Republic beer market. It is our plan to continue to create a brand identity, expand wholesaler interest, build exclusivity with new customers and vendors, source more brands- exceptionally crafted, priced & packaged, expand Military / Government customers and expand boutique, hand selling retailers.